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Fishing’s new royalty 

  Vega Protek 4  

Impressive aesthetics, a phenomenal build quality and an efficiency far above average: the new Protek 4 is here to reign.


Every once in a while, brands introduce new products that automatically become landmarks in their growth. It’s what Porsche did with the first 911, what Apple did with the first iPhone and, now, it’s what Vega is doing with the Protek 4.

If you’re a sea float or lure angler — and therefore know how important a good 4000 sized reel is – prepare to be impressed. The Protek 4 is the epitome of the current maximum quality in the industry, the result of the most advanced manufacturing techniques and of dominion over materials unmatched by any other in the trade. It a reel that only a major player would be able to develop and introduce.

It’s not an accident it was chosen to be on the cover of Vega’s 2016 catalogue, even in spite of all the prominent new products it boats. And, of course, it’s no accident that the Protek has created so much interest since Vega began announcing its new catalogue, this week.


The first revolutionary aspect of this new reel is the design. But not only for its head-turning aesthetics, that makes it an authentic work of art.

It’s also because of details like the relentless search for the lowest weight possible, a crucial aspect in a reel meant for techniques in which anglers will hold the reel in their hand most of the time. The first glaze immediately reveals it: all of the components that could be subtracted, diminished or refined were so, by a process of dozens of reconfigurations which have sculpted this amazing machine inch by inch.

Another detail is its incredible brawn. Body, rotor and spools are made in aluminum, to ensure its fortunate proprietor that, whatever situation presents, the Protek 4 will be ready to reply. The 8 kg drag makes it able to face it all. And the body has been subjected to a special treatment that increases its durability, so it will show its might for many years.

If you add details like the 5.1:1 ratio, the ergonomical handle or the instant anti-reverse system, you can tell it’s the reel of a lifetime — the fishing machine every brand dreams of introducing.

The Protek 4 is on sale now; visit you local tackle shop and see it for yourself. ■



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Our products are manufactured under the strictest quality control and designed to ensure many years of continuous use. However, VEGA provides technical assistance and spare parts for every rod and reel sold. 

Whenever you need technical assistance, please contact your nearest VEGA agent to make sure your rod or reel receive the appropriate care.

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